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Founder – Michael B.

I am Michael, 44 years old and I love tattoos. I currently serve in the military and as you can imagine we move around a lot, so having just one person who does our work all the time is quite impossible, unless you have a plane and can fly to them whenever you want. Trust me we do not make that kind of money. So every time we move to a new duty station we have to search for a new artists. We do use word of mouth and talk to people in the area about local artists. This is the reason that I am creating Sound Tattoo Ink.

So when I moved to Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington state, I began my search for a new artist. Between shop sites, social media and websites that want to charge you to search or connect with an artist it was such a tedious task. To top it all off most of the websites I found had no portfolios online, if I wanted to see their work I would have to drive to each shop of the artists to see their work. Don’t get me wrong I love the face to face and interpersonal interactions of the tattoo world, but let’s face it a lot of your potential customers do not have that kind of time.

This is where Sound Tattoo Ink comes in, we are building a directory of shops and artists. Our main focus is the artists, giving them a profile page and a portfolio page (click the links for examples). These are free to the artist and free to search for the potential customers. We plan to keep this site free to artists and customers through donations and advertising revenue, we also have an e-zine planned to launch in spring of 2022 (more details to come).

If you are interested in having your shop or artist information on our site please contact us.

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