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STI Concept

First off welcome to Sound Tattoo Ink. You are welcome to check out the different areas of the site, but we are still constructing a lot of sections.

So the concept of this is to have a central location for information on tattoo artists for potential customers to search and contact if they choose to. There are a couple reasons for building this site; 1. is that in searching for a new artist for whatever reason it seems to be a lack of information on the internet. It is growing but it is all over the place and some places you get contact info, some you get pictures of their artwork and in some places all you get us a shop name and what artist work there. 2. as a shop or an artist you should not have to pay hundreds of dollars to get your imprint online and your time is better spent on creating artwork then building or maintaining a website.

It is easy, I am creating a platform for shops and artists to feature themselves to potential customers and I will maintain the site so that your time can be spent doing what you love. I plan to keep this free by accepting donations and working on advertising partners. In the future there may be some features that can be paid for like a front page feature or artist page feature or shop feature, social media features. Those are thoughts for down the line, I want to keep this as low cost to artists and customers searching out there as I can.

Thank you for stopping by and checking this out. If you are a shop owner or an artist and would like more info e-mail us at or visit us on any of our social media platforms.


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